Serving Up Awesome Awards

Serving Up Awesome Awards

Order up! We’re serving up awesome awards with Entrepreneur ranking our iconic West Coast brand on their 43rd Franchise 500® list. This honor shines a light on our brand momentum following a successful year with record breaking sales, expanding into 11 new markets and nearly three million pizzas sold.

This is the 43rd year of the Entrepreneur ranking, which highlights the unique challenges and changes that have shaped the franchise industry over the last year—and how franchisors have adapted and evolved to meet them. Specifically, brands are ranked according to costs and fees, size and growth, support, brand strength and financial stability.

“All that we’ve accomplished is a testament to our incredible system of corporate team members and new and existing franchisees,” said CEO Mary Jane Riva. “From introducing our concept to three new states to debuting our new Express model to experiencing our best sales in 12 years, 2021 was definitely a year to remember. We welcomed a number of owners in 2021, most of which were longtime fans of Pizza Factory. It’s exciting to look back on the milestones we hit this year. I’m looking forward to seeing our concept continue to thrive in 2022 and maintaining our reputation as an innovative West Coast pizza icon.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Franchise Business Review naming us a Top Franchise for 2022.

Franchise Business Review, a market research firm that performs independent surveys of franchisee satisfaction and employee engagement, provides the only rankings and awards for franchise companies based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. Franchise Business Review publishes its rankings of the top 200 franchises in its annual Guide to Today’s Top Franchises.

We were among over 300 franchise brands, representing more than 30,000 franchise owners, that participated in Franchise Business Review’s research. Pizza Factory franchisees were surveyed on 33 benchmark questions about their experience and satisfaction regarding critical areas of their franchise systems, including training & support, operations, franchisor/franchisee relations, and financial opportunity.

“While the pandemic impacted various business sectors differently, the last 18 months have clearly demonstrated the inherent strengths of the franchise business model. The old franchise adage of ‘being in business for yourself, but not by yourself’ has never been more important,” said Franchise Business Review founder & CEO Eric Stites. “Thanks to fast innovations, significant support, and responsive crisis management, many franchise brands have emerged stronger from the pandemic, and that is reflected in high franchisee satisfaction.”

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Why Pizza Factory is the Best Pizza Franchise for 2022

Amid the thriving pizza industry landscape, our iconic pizza franchise is experiencing a record-breaking year thanks in part to flexible formats, expanding into two new states and piping hot sales.

Knead to hear more? Here’s why now is the right time to franchise with Pizza Factory:

An American Staple, Anywhere

The main appeal of a pizza franchise is that consumers can enjoy a customized food in a quick-service environment, whether that’s dine-in, takeout or delivery.

We understand there’s no one-size fits all when it comes to franchising. That’s why we offer a range of buildout options based on your real estate needs and ideal customer demographic.

Staying ahead of consumer trend’s, this year, we launched our latest flexible format—Pizza Factory Express, which capitalizes on the thriving takeout and delivery business. With spaces around 1,000 sq. feet, franchisees eliminate additional dine-in space and reduce labor costs associated with a larger setting.

Piping Hot Sales

Did you know that 91% of Americans report eating pizza at least once a month? As we’ve said before, the pizza segment is hot, but our sales are hotter.

In fact, we sold nearly three million total pizzas this year alone – that’s a lot of dough!

Opening a pizza franchise means you’re offering a high-demand product with a wide, existing fanbase. This year, our stores recorded record-breaking sales, the highest in a 12-year brand history. And we’ve got no signs of slowing down.

New Market Potential

With over four decades of experience, Pizza Factory knows its way around the kitchen and the pizza franchise industry. When you join our business, you’re joining the family who will be there every step of the way.

We’ve remained true to our hometown roots, with our simple philosophy—to become the fabric of the communities we serve. No doubt, 2021 brought immense growth, with 11 new markets, and Pizza Factory breaking into two new states—Texas and Georgia.

With untapped potential for growth in markets nationwide, there’s never been a better time to join our proven brand with a winning franchise blueprint.

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Establishing Brand Identity in New Markets

When it comes to franchising, growth remains the ultimate goal. Whether your brand’s strategy is to establish a national presence or simply expand within an existing region, the “growing pains” likely include expanding into new states.

Since the U.S. greatly differs in demographics and culture, there are many factors to consider when bringing a franchise into a new territories. Between our entrance into new states and continued growth along the West Coast, our piping hot pizza concept is experiencing tremendous growth. This year alone, we’ve welcomed Pizza Factory locations in two new states, Georgia and Texas, along with growth across California and Oregon, fueling our rank as an iconic West Coast brand.

But before we enter into a new market, here are a few things we always consider:


Local Demographics

Pizza Factory adds Georgia and Texas to lineup.When a franchise is ready to enter a new state, it likely has a target on an existing customer base. There’s plenty of research done prior to ensure the demographics in the new market fit within the target audience to give the franchise the best chance of success.

At Pizza Factory, it’s not uncommon that our franchisees were once fans of our brand, and they become eager to share their experience with their local communities. In fact, local entrepreneur and dedicated Pizza Factory fan, Brandon Broadwell, was the first to expand our concept to the Southeast in Athens, Georgia:

“The brand’s attention to detail, truly caring about the product and customers while also maintaining a community-centered culture, are all powerful brand characteristics that I identify with. I’m extremely excited to open the first Pizza Factory in Georgia and look forward to growing alongside the brand in the future.”


Research Existing Competition

Another major factor that comes with opening in a new market is competition. Franchisors can do a little digging to find out the existing competition in the market and how their brand differentiates.

Unlike other quick-service pizzerias, everything on our menu is prepared with the freshest ingredients, such as hand-grated 100 percent mozzarella cheese, slow-cooked meat sauce and meatballs that are hand-rolled in-house. As a differentiator, we also offer a wider menu variety than most, with hot and cold sandwiches, pasta, chicken wings and more.

As the ever-evolving go-to neighborhood spot to experience family-friendly dining, our locations are guaranteed to have high-quality meals and a hardworking staff that’s passionate about service. It’s our commitment to quality and service that sets us apart.


Clue in to the Neighborhood Culture

At Pizza Factory, we understand there’s no one size fits all approach for establishing brand recognition. Our commitment to community and quality products remains the foundation of our success when we establish in new markets. Though each neighborhood we serve offers a unique culture that we immerse ourselves in to become a fabric of the community.

Our franchisees pride themselves on playing an integral role as community leaders and make a positive impact on the neighborhoods we serve. From sponsoring local sports teams and hosting fundraising events, we are there to make a positive impact on the neighborhoods we serve.

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What to Expect at a Discovery Day?

When you’re looking into franchise business opportunities, you may be invited to a discovery day. A discovery day is the next step for serious candidates who’ve met the franchisor’s financial and experience requirements to learn more about the franchise opportunity. Essentially, this is an opportunity to find out if you and the franchisor are the right match before the ultimate decision of franchise ownership is made.


Do Your Homework

Just as you would prepare for a job interview, be sure to have done your homework beforehand. Before you go, study the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and have a list of follow-up questions prepared. Discovery Days are a great opportunity to meet those on the franchise executive team face-to-face and get all your questions answered.


5 Questions to Bring to Discovery Day

Prospects that ask questions show their genuine interest in the franchise opportunity, ask things like:

  1. How does the brand support its franchisees?
  2. What are their long-term strategic goals?
  3. What are other franchisees saying about the brand?
  4. What are the typical methods of communicating with franchisees?
  5. How does this brand compare to others in the industry?


Clue in to the Company Culture

This is a great opportunity to assess the franchise culture reflected by its leaders and employees. Ask yourself, do you align with their mission and values and whether you would enjoy working with them for years to come.


What Happens Next?

Most franchisors aren’t expecting a check or to sign an agreement that day. After attending a discovery day, you’ll have time to go home and think about what you learned to decide if this is the right choice for you.


Interactive Discovery Days: At the Factory

Are you ready to start throwin’ dough with our CEO? Only at a Pizza Factory discovery day!

We hold several discovery day events across the country for growth-minded individuals looking to save dough and grow with our iconic West Coast pizza franchise. Typically, you’ll meet with CEO Mary Jane Riva, VP of Operations Steve Gibbs and Laura Tanaka, VP of Franchise Development, to learn more about our fresh, quality menu, flexible build options and extensive corporate support.

Learn more about franchising opportunities and how you can be a part of our next discovery day.

Why You Should Invest in a Pizza Franchise

Why You Should Invest in a Pizza Franchise

Pizza Factory featured menu itemsChoosing a sector to franchise a new business in can be an overwhelming task. With so many options out there, which opportunity is best for you?

For many, the answer is simple – restaurants. But even within the franchise restaurant industry, there are so many options to explore. Should you go classic with burgers and fries, trendy with smoothie bowls, sit down, or fast-casual? The opportunities are endless.

It’s no secret that pizza is a worldwide favorite. In fact, the U.S. pizza market rakes in more than $45.1 billion annually with no signs of cooling off. The fast-casual pizza industry has plenty of staying power thanks to innovative online ordering and delivery options, seamlessly earning a spot in the hearts and stomachs of fans around the world.

But with so many pizza concepts, which one is the best? Pizza Factory is a cut above the rest, and we’re here to prove it.


Diverse menu

Our diverse menu is second to none- and more than just pizza! There’re no frozen ingredients here – we are proud to nourish communities with the highest quality pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, breadsticks and appetizers made in house daily. Our hand-tossed dough, sauce made in-house, hand-shredded cheese and all-fresh toppings are distinctive elements that set us apart in the pizza industry.

Plus, with our mobile ordering app and seamless takeout, curbside and delivery process, we’re able to serve Pizza Factory fans from the comfort of their homes too.


Flexible formats

We’re looking towards the future with a brand-new Express model that emphasizes our thriving carryout and delivery business. The Express model supplements our two existing formats with a sleek design and savings on operations, staffing and FF&E expenses. Our multiple flexible formats—ranging from quick-service to fast-casual options—sharpen our competitive edge, opening a path for rapid restaurant expansion into untapped, prime markets.


Strong Support System

At Pizza Factory we boast a strong family-oriented culture, and pride ourselves on providing franchisees with the best training, marketing tools and technology support in the industry. Starting with our initial four-week long kitchen and in-store training, to ongoing guidance from field staff, our team is always working to grow your bottom line. Plus, our leadership team is down-to-earth, fun and driven to make decisions in the best interest for franchisees.

Ready to top your portfolio with an awesome investment at Pizza Factory? Learn more about our franchising opportunities and schedule a time to connect.

Single vs. Multi-Unit Franchising

Historically, single-unit franchisees have been the foundation of franchising, where an individual looking to start their own business invests into a single franchise unit.

Over the last couple of decades, however, multi-unit franchisees have increased in volume, power and influence. The biggest reason is multi-unit franchising provides lucrative, stable growth and wealth creation for all parties involved – the brand, franchisor and franchisee. According to the International Franchise Association, multi-unit operators are changing the dynamics of the franchise industry, as an increasing number of franchise entities with solid financial backing have the infrastructure to develop restaurants and attract management talent.

Even with the growth of multi-unit investors, many brands, like ours, welcome single-unit franchisees. So, whether you’re a pizza fanatic looking to be your own boss or a multi-unit operator looking to diversify your portfolio with the ever-growing pizza franchise sector offers unique benefits to both parties.


Benefits of a Single-Unit Ownership

Single-unit ownership typically appeals to first-time business owners. This group is typically inspired and driven by the entrepreneurial journey, so they’re usually hands-on.

As an owner-operator, single-unit franchisees learn all the systems and processes associated with the franchise business. They like to observe first-hand the quality of customer service provided, manage product inventory and play a large role in training employees. At Pizza Factory, most of our franchisees are hands-on owner-operators themselves and appreciate being an engrained in the operations and becoming an integral part of the community.


Benefits of a Multi-Unit Ownership

Multi-unit investors typically claim a territory or multiple territories to grow a number of franchise locations. As a result, they may focus less on day-to-day operations and more on their development goals. Usually, restaurant operating partners and district managers are brought on to support efficient operations across all locations.

Although becoming a multi-unit franchisee requires a steeper investment, the commitment offers scalability and sustainability. That’s why many franchisors offer incentives to those interested who continue to develop with the brand.

In the end, more units = more profit. More profit leads to money back into growing the business. Oftentimes, the additional revenue is used to hire additional employees or further grow their portfolio.

At Pizza Factory, our multi-unit, multi-brand investors are eager to diversify their portfolio and scale quickly with an established brand in untapped markets. We offer three flexible formats that makes Pizza Factory a great fit for any real estate opportunity.

With opportunities for single or multi-unit development are available in markets across the U.S., there’s never been a better time to grow with us. Learn more about franchising with Pizza Factory.

Top Ways Brands Can Leverage Multiple Buildout Prototypes for Success

In franchising, there isn’t a one size fits all model. Location, customer base and operational expenses all can dictate the size and restaurant format. Every market is unique, bringing its own set of opportunities and challenges. Thus, as franchisors, we must offer multiple build options to provide flexibility for franchisees.

Pizza Factory prototypesHere at Pizza Factory, we offer flexible new-build or conversion options with traditional dine-in and quick-service prototypes ranging from 1,000 – 4,000 sq. ft. To remain ahead of the curve, we’ve created three different format options that expand potential real estate opportunities for corporate and franchise locations: Express (delivery / carry-out), Fast Casual Dine-In and a Large Fast Casual Model that is ideal for parties and social gatherings.

When considering which build-out options are best for your brand and franchisees, here’s what to consider:

Maximizing Prime Real Estate

Location, location, location! The availability and price of real estate play a major role in deciding where to build a restaurant and the model that will work best in the market. Franchisees may see a greater benefit in renting a compact space for a kitchen-only layout with walk-up counters rather than a sit-down dining space depending on the consumer footprint.

Our brand-new Express model starts at 1,000 sq. ft., allowing new and existing franchisees to grow into new, untapped markets. It features large floor to ceiling glass windows, warm color palettes, natural wood elements and LED signage to capture the essence of a modern hometown pizzeria. Additionally, visibility into the kitchen provides an added level of transparency, giving guests an inside look at the homemade menu items that are made fresh daily.

Meanwhile, a suburban marketplace may be better suited for a larger-scale dining room where parties can gather. Our traditional fast casual format, which features multiple dining sections, an arcade area for the kids, banquet rooms for parties and social gatherings and big-screen TVs throughout would be a good option.


Consumer Trends

Consumer trends can fluctuate by market, where some regions prefer sit-down dining that can cater to large parties, others may prioritize a convenient location where food can be easily reached for pick-up.

For example, a carry-out model is great for an urban market, where customers are always on the go. Our brand-new Express model offers a smaller footprint to support our thriving carry-out and delivery business. In fact, our March 2021 same-store sales jumped 27%, representing our best performance in five years—ultimately signaling our upward trajectory and recession-resistant operations.


Operational Costs

Offering flexible prototypes can be a cost-effective solution to offset real estate prices. Our Express model eliminates many of the operating costs along with furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) expenses associated with larger restaurant prototypes.

Likewise, the format requires fewer employees to run the show. This ultimately saves on labor costs but allows a hyper-effective team to serve at-home on on-the-go guests who traditionally have higher ticket averages.

“Efficiency, convenience and quality are foundational to Pizza Factory, and we led with these business drivers in mind when building the Express blueprint,” said Pizza Factory CEO Mary Jane Riva. “The Express debut is such a significant milestone for our development goals, as the format alone allows for Pizza Factory to grow into new communities and untraditional spaces. We’re confident the model will support the advanced delivery and carry-out operations we already have in place while providing new ways for our guests to enjoy a diverse menu of fresh food.”

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