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Q&A with Our Director of Marketing Mary Kay Haas

Pizza Factory’s Director of Marketing, Mary Kay Haas

More than 25 years ago, Mary Kay Haas started her career with Pizza Factory as a franchisee. Today, Mary Kay oversees our marketing team and works directly with our franchisees on local store marketing efforts in their communities.

We sat down with Mary Kay to learn more about her role and how franchisees benefit from her expertise:

Thanks for sitting down with us today. Can you tell us about your journey from franchisee to the corporate team?

My husband and I started out as franchisees in 1997. Our restaurant served as a training store for new franchisees before I shifted into a full-time position with the corporate marketing team. In the beginning, we all wore a lot of different hats, but marketing has always been my passion.


Being a franchisee must have given you a good perspective when shifting into a marketing role.

 Yes, when it comes to executing any local store marketing initiative, you first have to determine whether or not it is realistic at the franchisee level and what the corporate team needs to do to ensure that everyone is on board. Having that franchisee perspective gives insight into the challenges that our franchisees face and work towards solutions.


What is your favorite part about your role?

I love getting to work with our franchisees and finding ways for them to get involved in their communities. Pizza Factory has a large community focus, and we have programs to help franchisees connect with schools and local organizations. Our system-wide partnerships with No Kid Hungry also show how our franchisees work together to make a meaningful impact.


How have you helped franchisees leverage marketing strategies to meet their restaurant goals?

We work with franchisees on a number of things, such as how to build up their lunch or dinner business, or finding specials that work in their slower seasons. Our team is always just a phone call away and here to help in any way we can.  

Our team is always looking for ways that franchisees can be involved in their local communities. Whether that’s having certificates for school awards, prizes for a raffle or sponsoring a local sports team, we make sure that our franchisees have all the marketing materials on hand to succeed.


What makes Pizza Factory Awesome?

Our franchisees make Pizza Factory Awesome. We have such an amazing group of franchisees, who are passionate about what they do and being involved in their own communities.

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