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Why Community Should Be the Heart of Your Business

Community connections are what help make small businesses stand out. In fact, many customers are drawn to businesses they know and trust.

Small businesses that are good neighbors tend to do well in their communities simply because they’re liked and respected for their giveback efforts. In terms of creating brand awareness, getting involved in the town your business operates in is just as important as local marketing and customer service.

Not sure where to start? Here are some great ways your business can give back to the local community.

1. Sponsor a Youth Sports Team

Youth sports sponsorships are a win-win for brands and leagues. Chances are that one of your staff members and many of your customers have children on the local youth sports team. But you and your employees can take it a step further. Show up and cheer them on – show that you really care about them.

2. Donate Your Product or Service

Offering your products or services to members of your community can make a great impact. Simple acts of generosity like donating food to frontline workers or a homeless shelter are awesome ways to show how much you care.

3. Sponsor or Host a Fundraising Event

Your business can be more than just a place of commerce—it can also be a gathering spot where neighbors come to enjoy a sense of community. Try hosting game nights, fundraiser dinners or even neighborhood mixers to promote community gatherings.

Rooted in Community

At Pizza Factory, our communities are at the heart of our business, and we’re committed to building strong relationships nationwide. Our franchisees love their guests and the social aspect of being a member in the community.

Each Pizza Factory franchisee plays an important role in his or her neighborhood as a community leader. From sponsoring sports leagues and school nights to donating pizza and hosting fundraising events, Pizza Factory franchisees are truly Awesome – donating a helping hand to those who need it.

As a community staple in 100-plus hometowns, we’ve stayed true to our roots with hardworking operators, family-friendly dining and creating a warm and welcoming environment for our customers.

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