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Single vs. Multi-Unit Franchising

Quote from multi-unit franchisee Jay Villamor

Historically, single-unit franchisees have been the foundation of franchising, where an individual looking to start their own business invests into a single franchise unit.

Over the last couple of decades, however, multi-unit franchisees have increased in volume, power and influence. The biggest reason is multi-unit franchising provides lucrative, stable growth and wealth creation for all parties involved – the brand, franchisor and franchisee. According to the International Franchise Association, multi-unit operators are changing the dynamics of the franchise industry, as an increasing number of franchise entities with solid financial backing have the infrastructure to develop restaurants and attract management talent.

Even with the growth of multi-unit investors, many brands, like ours, welcome single-unit franchisees. So, whether you’re a pizza fanatic looking to be your own boss or a multi-unit operator looking to diversify your portfolio with the ever-growing pizza franchise sector offers unique benefits to both parties.

Benefits of a Single-Unit Ownership

Single-unit ownership typically appeals to first-time business owners. This group is typically inspired and driven by the entrepreneurial journey, so they’re usually hands-on.

As an owner-operator, single-unit franchisees learn all the systems and processes associated with the franchise business. They like to observe first-hand the quality of customer service provided, manage product inventory and play a large role in training employees. At Pizza Factory, most of our franchisees are hands-on owner-operators themselves and appreciate being an engrained in the operations and becoming an integral part of the community.

Benefits of a Multi-Unit Ownership

Multi-unit investors typically claim a territory or multiple territories to grow a number of franchise locations. As a result, they may focus less on day-to-day operations and more on their development goals. Usually, restaurant operating partners and district managers are brought on to support efficient operations across all locations.

Although becoming a multi-unit franchisee requires a steeper investment, the commitment offers scalability and sustainability. That’s why many franchisors offer incentives to those interested who continue to develop with the brand.

In the end, more units = more profit. More profit leads to money back into growing the business. Oftentimes, the additional revenue is used to hire additional employees or further grow their portfolio.

At Pizza Factory, our multi-unit, multi-brand investors are eager to diversify their portfolio and scale quickly with an established brand in untapped markets. We offer three flexible formats that makes Pizza Factory a great fit for any real estate opportunity.

With opportunities for single or multi-unit development are available in markets across the U.S., there’s never been a better time to grow with us. Learn more about franchising with Pizza Factory.