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Establishing Brand Identity in New Markets

When it comes to franchising, growth remains the ultimate goal. Whether your brand’s strategy is to establish a national presence or simply expand within an existing region, the “growing pains” likely include expanding into new states.

Since the U.S. greatly differs in demographics and culture, there are many factors to consider when bringing a franchise into a new territories. Between our entrance into new states and continued growth along the West Coast, our piping hot pizza concept is experiencing tremendous growth. This year alone, we’ve welcomed Pizza Factory locations in two new states, Georgia and Texas, along with growth across California and Oregon, fueling our rank as an iconic West Coast brand.

But before we enter into a new market, here are a few things we always consider:

Local Demographics

When a franchise is ready to enter a new state, it likely has a target on an existing customer base. There’s plenty of research done prior to ensure the demographics in the new market fit within the target audience to give the franchise the best chance of success.

At Pizza Factory, it’s not uncommon that our franchisees were once fans of our brand, and they become eager to share their experience with their local communities. In fact, local entrepreneur and dedicated Pizza Factory fan, Brandon Broadwell, was the first to expand our concept to the Southeast in Athens, Georgia:

“The brand’s attention to detail, truly caring about the product and customers while also maintaining a community-centered culture, are all powerful brand characteristics that I identify with. I’m extremely excited to open the first Pizza Factory in Georgia and look forward to growing alongside the brand in the future.”

Research Existing Competition

Another major factor that comes with opening in a new market is competition. Franchisors can do a little digging to find out the existing competition in the market and how their brand differentiates.

Unlike other quick-service pizzerias, everything on our menu is prepared with the freshest ingredients, such as hand-grated 100 percent mozzarella cheese, slow-cooked meat sauce and meatballs that are hand-rolled in-house. As a differentiator, we also offer a wider menu variety than most, with hot and cold sandwiches, pasta, chicken wings and more.

As the ever-evolving go-to neighborhood spot to experience family-friendly dining, our locations are guaranteed to have high-quality meals and a hardworking staff that’s passionate about service. It’s our commitment to quality and service that sets us apart.

Clue in to the Neighborhood Culture

At Pizza Factory, we understand there’s no one size fits all approach for establishing brand recognition. Our commitment to community and quality products remains the foundation of our success when we establish in new markets. Though each neighborhood we serve offers a unique culture that we immerse ourselves in to become a fabric of the community.

Our franchisees pride themselves on playing an integral role as community leaders and make a positive impact on the neighborhoods we serve. From sponsoring local sports teams and hosting fundraising events, we are there to make a positive impact on the neighborhoods we serve.

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