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Pizza Industry Trends 2023: How Pizza Factory Leads the Way

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In the dynamic pizza industry, adapting to industry trends and customer preferences is key to remaining a frontrunner. From our tech-driven operations to adapting to customer preferences, discover how Pizza Factory is leading the pizza industry.

  1. Gourmet and Specialty Pizza LTOs

Consumers are increasingly seeking unique and innovative pizza experiences. This trend is evident in the rising demand for specialty pizzas that feature premium ingredients, bold flavors and innovative combinations. Pizza Factory has been at the forefront of this trend, with our recent BBQ Brisket Pizza and Sandwich earning overwhelming praise from customers, bringing in over $12,000 in its first week of sales. With our commitment to quality ingredients and creativity, we’re continuing to reinvent the pizza wheel and offering a diverse menu that caters to a wide audience.

  1. Tech-Driven Ordering and Delivery

The integration of technology in the pizza industry has revolutionized the ordering and delivery process. Today’s consumers expect the convenience of mobile apps and online ordering platforms that have become the standard across the pizza and QSR industry. Here at Pizza Factory, we’ve invested in cutting-edge technology to streamline the guest ordering experience, ensuring a seamless process for our franchisees and their staff.

  1. Community Centric Approach

 Community is a cornerstone of our philosophy here at Pizza Factory. Our franchisees serve as active leaders in their communities, participating in local events, supporting schools and youth sports leagues and more. As customers prioritize restaurants that not only serve great food but also positively contribute to their communities, Pizza Factory sticks out as a staple.

  1. Award-Winning Excellence

In the realm of pizza franchises, Pizza Factory’s industry reputation is top-notch. Most recently, Franchise Times ranked us on their Top 400 list of the largest franchise systems in the U.S. This prestigious ranking outlines the top brands in the industry, and we are thrilled to have jumped ten spots from last year.

By embracing emerging trends and setting new standards for quality and customer experience, Pizza Factory is not just keeping pace with the industry; it’s leading the way.

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