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Pizza Factory CEO Shares Her Expertise on Franchise

Many franchise development executives and regional developers give preference to high population density areas when it comes to franchise expansion, according to Pizza Factory CEO Mary Jane Riva, who recently shared her expertise on why small markets can hold the key to success for large brands.

In her article for Global Franchise Magazine, Riva explained to readers that with nearly one out of every five Americans growing up within a rural community, smaller markets – bordering on 10,000 residents or less – are an underserved population that could be the perfect next step for a brand’s growth strategy.

Riva listed advantageous real estate as one of the reasons that large brands should think small, reminding readers that in many smaller markets, there may be opportunities for locations near schools and colleges that can open the door for a number of grassroots marketing opportunities, such as fundraising events for youth activities.

Not only do smaller markets provide better locations, but they also offer the opportunity for franchise partners to have more of an impact on the community. Each Pizza Factory franchisee plays an important role in his or her own neighborhood as a community leader. From sponsoring sports leagues and school nights to donating pizzas and fundraising events, Pizza Factory franchisees are truly awesome – donating a helping hand to those who need it.

Riva noted in her article more advantages of thinking small, and suggests that as you consider starting a franchise business, bear in mind that small towns often work as well as larger markets.

Learn more about Pizza Factory and its commitment to communities.