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The Key Ingredient for a Lucrative Pizza Factory Franchise

Pizza Factory’s No Bully Zone Program makes a positive impact on neighborhood schools.

For decades, Pizza Factory has been a leader in the pizza franchise industry due largely to understanding the key ingredients of a thriving, long-standing company. At the core of Pizza Factory is the dedication to our communities and franchisees which allows for sustainable growth.

Becoming a Pillar of the Community

At the heart of Pizza Factory is the philosophy that our communities come first. We are not just a pizza franchise, we are a gathering spot for families, friends, and organizations. Our restaurants create a space where people can come together.

Meals have always been a way for people to connect around the world, and we understand their importance for the community. This is why we care so much about protecting our roots through the hometown feel and family-friendly dining in every location.

Franchisee Support

Most of Pizza Factory’s executive team started as franchisees, including CEO Mary Jane Riva. This gives us the unique ability to truly understand what franchisees need and how best to support them. Our dedicated team provides training that includes four days at a test kitchen and three weeks at a training store. Not to mention we help find and secure real estate, oversee construction, and hire a team.

It doesn’t end there; through weekly newsletters, business reviews, and advisory councils, franchisees are continuously supported. This unparalleled support allows franchisees to feel confident in their ability to build a Pizza Factory to be proud of.

Operational Excellence

The Pizza Factory business model is a tried-and-true method for providing quality service and support to franchisees. We are built for the future of the pizza industry by utilizing technological innovations to provide a better customer experience.

Through the SpeedLine POS system, Pizza Factory can have a single POS provider across all 110+ stores. This allows for clearer insights and analytics for franchisees to better understand their sales and make adjustments.

Marketing Strategies

Our executive team helps in developing personalized marketing strategies with an in-house advertising team. The system is streamlined through our marketing portal and contains social media images, flyers, banners, email club materials, gift card program collateral, website management, and more.

Community Giveback

Becoming involved in local programs to not only help the community but to get the Pizza Factory name out there is key. Our marketing team helps to solidify these local partnerships. Pizza Factory franchisees are pretty Awesome by donating, hosting fundraising events, and sponsoring sports leagues. Our company’s No Bully Zone Program is a team effort, with franchisees across the country partnering with local schools.

For more information about franchise opportunities with Pizza Factory, fill out an inquiry form and our team will be in touch.