Why Pizza Factory is the Best Pizza Franchise for 2022

Why Pizza Factory is the Best Pizza Franchise for 2022

Amid the thriving pizza industry landscape, our iconic pizza franchise is experiencing a record-breaking year thanks in part to flexible formats, expanding into two new states and piping hot sales.

Knead to hear more? Here’s why now is the right time to franchise with Pizza Factory:

An American Staple, Anywhere

The main appeal of a pizza franchise is that consumers can enjoy a customized food in a quick-service environment, whether that’s dine-in, takeout or delivery.

We understand there’s no one-size fits all when it comes to franchising. That’s why we offer a range of buildout options based on your real estate needs and ideal customer demographic.

Staying ahead of consumer trend’s, this year, we launched our latest flexible format—Pizza Factory Express, which capitalizes on the thriving takeout and delivery business. With spaces around 1,000 sq. feet, franchisees eliminate additional dine-in space and reduce labor costs associated with a larger setting.

Piping Hot Sales

Did you know that 91% of Americans report eating pizza at least once a month? As we’ve said before, the pizza segment is hot, but our sales are hotter.

In fact, we sold nearly three million total pizzas this year alone – that’s a lot of dough!

Opening a pizza franchise means you’re offering a high-demand product with a wide, existing fanbase. This year, our stores recorded record-breaking sales, the highest in a 12-year brand history. And we’ve got no signs of slowing down.

New Market Potential

With over four decades of experience, Pizza Factory knows its way around the kitchen and the pizza franchise industry. When you join our business, you’re joining the family who will be there every step of the way.

We’ve remained true to our hometown roots, with our simple philosophy—to become the fabric of the communities we serve. No doubt, 2021 brought immense growth, with 11 new markets, and Pizza Factory breaking into two new states—Texas and Georgia.

With untapped potential for growth in markets nationwide, there’s never been a better time to join our proven brand with a winning franchise blueprint.

Learn more about franchising opportunities with Pizza Factory.


What to Expect at a Discovery Day?

When you’re looking into franchise business opportunities, you may be invited to a discovery day. A discovery day is the next step for serious candidates who’ve met the franchisor’s financial and experience requirements to learn more about the franchise opportunity. Essentially, this is an opportunity to find out if you and the franchisor are the right match before the ultimate decision of franchise ownership is made.


Do Your Homework

Just as you would prepare for a job interview, be sure to have done your homework beforehand. Before you go, study the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and have a list of follow-up questions prepared. Discovery Days are a great opportunity to meet those on the franchise executive team face-to-face and get all your questions answered.


5 Questions to Bring to Discovery Day

Prospects that ask questions show their genuine interest in the franchise opportunity, ask things like:

  1. How does the brand support its franchisees?
  2. What are their long-term strategic goals?
  3. What are other franchisees saying about the brand?
  4. What are the typical methods of communicating with franchisees?
  5. How does this brand compare to others in the industry?


Clue in to the Company Culture

This is a great opportunity to assess the franchise culture reflected by its leaders and employees. Ask yourself, do you align with their mission and values and whether you would enjoy working with them for years to come.


What Happens Next?

Most franchisors aren’t expecting a check or to sign an agreement that day. After attending a discovery day, you’ll have time to go home and think about what you learned to decide if this is the right choice for you.


Interactive Discovery Days: At the Factory

Are you ready to start throwin’ dough with our CEO? Only at a Pizza Factory discovery day!

We hold several discovery day events across the country for growth-minded individuals looking to save dough and grow with our iconic West Coast pizza franchise. Typically, you’ll meet with CEO Mary Jane Riva, VP of Operations Steve Gibbs and Laura Tanaka, VP of Franchise Development, to learn more about our fresh, quality menu, flexible build options and extensive corporate support.

Learn more about franchising opportunities and how you can be a part of our next discovery day.

How to Create a Company Culture that Empowers Women

From hiring to mentorship, we are always supporting women in our workplace. In fact, we were recently recognized as a Top Franchise for Women by Franchise Business Review based on our leadership, training and core values.

Over the years, the franchise industry has been dominated by women. Today, 29% of all franchisees are solely women-owned and 32% of franchises open in the last 24 months are led by women.

We strive to create a positive company culture empowered by women. At Pizza Factory, you’ll see female leaders thrive at every stage of our business, from franchisee to CEO.

With strong female leadership at our base, we sat down with CEO Mary Jane Riva and multi-unit franchisee Allision Williams to discuss their path to entrepreneurship and how Pizza Factory fits the bill for a strong female-led company.


Have there been any moments in your career where a female mentor helped guide your path? 

Mary Jane: My first job was in a woman-owned donut shop. The women I worked with were some of the hardest workers I’ve ever known. With that strong foundation, I’ve tried to set the same standard for our company,” Riva said.

Allison: “My journey with Pizza Factory started working for MJ when I was 15. She really taught and showed me what it takes to own and run a store. I always felt Pizza Factory empowered their employees, regardless of gender, to work from the ground up, and one day own their own franchise.”

Mary Jane: “Yes, I’ve worked with Allison since she was a teenager and immediately recognized her drive for success and dedication for the brand,” said Pizza Factory CEO Mary Jane Riva. “Allison has proven herself as not only a trusted employee but also an awesome franchise operator. After she seamlessly established the Twain Harte restaurant as a community staple, I knew she was the right person to oversee the transition with the San Andreas location. With a customer-base already established and under Allison’s guidance, I’m confident restaurant’s success will continue.”


What led you to a career in franchising? 

Mary Jane: “I operated my own donut shop called MJ’s Donuts when I was 20-years-old.  I always knew I wanted to be self-employed, and my sister and brother owned Pizza Factory franchises. That’s how I began my franchise career with my husband in 1990.”

Allison: “I love everything about Pizza Factory and expanding my portfolio with the brand was an easy decision,” said Williams. “With innovation constantly on our minds at Pizza Factory, I saw an opportunity to take over an existing location that has already established itself within its community. Plus, I’ve seen firsthand how much support and guidance the corporate team provides. They’re truly invested in your growth, both personally and professionally.”


As a female CEO, what advice would you give young women looking to start a career in the business/ franchising sectors? 

Mary Jane: It’s important to surround yourself with good people who support you and will be honest. Never stop learning, listening, and going after your goals, regardless of how hard they are. At the same time,  embrace mentors with skillsets in areas that you are weak. Be yourself, but grow into better versions of you. Be strong, but be kind, even if others aren’t, and most importantly take care of yourself on your journey.”


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How to Run a Business with Your Spouse

First comes love, second comes marriage, then comes… a franchise? For couple Noel and Yoli, their love for each other and Awesome pizza make them the perfect match as dedicated life partners and multi-unit Pizza Factory franchisees.

Married almost 10 years, the couple met in college and originally worked jobs in agriculture and education. It wasn’t until the 2010 recession that they began looking for a fresh opportunity in a lucrative industry.

Pizza Factory franchisees Noel and Yoli took over the Le Grand Pizza Factory in 2014.

“We grew up around Pizza Factory and fell in love with the less corporate environment. The availability to invest in the franchise gave us the freedom to run a business and still have a family,” Yoli said.

Working side-by-side with your spouse allows for plenty of quality time but can prove to be a challenge separating home life from the business. For couples looking to fulfill their entrepreneurial spirit, here are three things to consider before going into business:


Industry Growth

When the business will become the main source of income, choosing an industry that will last through economic downturns is crucial. Luckily for us, pizza always prevails.

After great success with their first unit, Noel and Yoli took a calculated risk and purchased a second location in the middle of a pandemic. And as the dough continues to rise, the couple is eager to expand further with the brand-new Express model.

“Pizza is one the most stable industries, and it stands the test of time,” Yoli said.


Company Culture

Before deciding on a franchise, do your research to find out if the company’s values align with yours. At Pizza Factory, our commitment to creating a genuine work-life balance allows couples to thrive. This creates a wave of independence for franchisees and their families.

“There is no one else I’d feel more comfortable running a business with besides my wife. As a family, we’ve grown closer, built quality connections in our community and shown our kids the value of a strong work ethic. It all just takes finding the right work-life balance,” Yoli said.


Play to Your Strengths

As with any business relationship, take the time to define your roles and focus on each other’s strengths. Make every decision together while still recognizing your unique and individual skillset.

“Every couple is different, but take the time to figure out each other’s strengths and play to them. Yoli is great at operations, while I’m great at connecting with customers in the dining,” Noel said.

For any couple, you may not always see eye-to-eye. But if you both have a passion for your business, and add the mutual trust you have as life partners, then you have a winning formula that can’t be matched.


Ready to build a career together and fall in love with Pizza Factory? Learn more about franchising opportunities with us.


Pizza Factory Express: Benefits You Knead to Know

While our guests’ dining habits are changing, their tastebuds still crave Pizza Factory’s deliciously fresh food. That’s why we’ve launched the Pizza Factory Express model— a super efficient, super Awesome format to support our booming delivery, carryout and curbside business.

Don’t let the size fool you. Our Express model may be small, but it will deliver a strong return on investment for franchisees. Here’s what you knead to know about the benefits:

• Smaller building (1,000-1,500 sq. ft.) provides lower investment opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and active developers
• Hyper-efficient model helps franchisees save on rent, operations and FF&E expenses
• Format requires fewer employees to run the show, ultimately saving on labor costs
• Reduced footprint allows access to more real estate sites, reaching new customers in untapped markets
• Consumer-facing mobile app with loyalty program drives off-premise sales
• Technology advancements help optimize systems and processes from the kitchen to consumption

The proof is in the pudding…or should we say pizza dough?! As delivery, carryout and curbside ordering prevails, the Pizza Factory Express model best supports consumers’ growing demand for high-quality food in the most convenient setting.

Right now, we’re offering a development incentive program including a reduced franchise fee, waived royalties for three months and more. It’s a piping hot offer that won’t last long, so click here to get started with Pizza Factory today.