Top Ways Brands Can Leverage Multiple Buildout Prototypes for Success

Top Ways Brands Can Leverage Multiple Buildout Prototypes for Success

In franchising, there isn’t a one size fits all model. Location, customer base and operational expenses all can dictate the size and restaurant format. Every market is unique, bringing its own set of opportunities and challenges. Thus, as franchisors, we must offer multiple build options to provide flexibility for franchisees.

Pizza Factory prototypesHere at Pizza Factory, we offer flexible new-build or conversion options with traditional dine-in and quick-service prototypes ranging from 1,000 – 4,000 sq. ft. To remain ahead of the curve, we’ve created three different format options that expand potential real estate opportunities for corporate and franchise locations: Express (delivery / carry-out), Fast Casual Dine-In and a Large Fast Casual Model that is ideal for parties and social gatherings.

When considering which build-out options are best for your brand and franchisees, here’s what to consider:

Maximizing Prime Real Estate

Location, location, location! The availability and price of real estate play a major role in deciding where to build a restaurant and the model that will work best in the market. Franchisees may see a greater benefit in renting a compact space for a kitchen-only layout with walk-up counters rather than a sit-down dining space depending on the consumer footprint.

Our brand-new Express model starts at 1,000 sq. ft., allowing new and existing franchisees to grow into new, untapped markets. It features large floor to ceiling glass windows, warm color palettes, natural wood elements and LED signage to capture the essence of a modern hometown pizzeria. Additionally, visibility into the kitchen provides an added level of transparency, giving guests an inside look at the homemade menu items that are made fresh daily.

Meanwhile, a suburban marketplace may be better suited for a larger-scale dining room where parties can gather. Our traditional fast casual format, which features multiple dining sections, an arcade area for the kids, banquet rooms for parties and social gatherings and big-screen TVs throughout would be a good option.


Consumer Trends

Consumer trends can fluctuate by market, where some regions prefer sit-down dining that can cater to large parties, others may prioritize a convenient location where food can be easily reached for pick-up.

For example, a carry-out model is great for an urban market, where customers are always on the go. Our brand-new Express model offers a smaller footprint to support our thriving carry-out and delivery business. In fact, our March 2021 same-store sales jumped 27%, representing our best performance in five years—ultimately signaling our upward trajectory and recession-resistant operations.


Operational Costs

Offering flexible prototypes can be a cost-effective solution to offset real estate prices. Our Express model eliminates many of the operating costs along with furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) expenses associated with larger restaurant prototypes.

Likewise, the format requires fewer employees to run the show. This ultimately saves on labor costs but allows a hyper-effective team to serve at-home on on-the-go guests who traditionally have higher ticket averages.

“Efficiency, convenience and quality are foundational to Pizza Factory, and we led with these business drivers in mind when building the Express blueprint,” said Pizza Factory CEO Mary Jane Riva. “The Express debut is such a significant milestone for our development goals, as the format alone allows for Pizza Factory to grow into new communities and untraditional spaces. We’re confident the model will support the advanced delivery and carry-out operations we already have in place while providing new ways for our guests to enjoy a diverse menu of fresh food.”

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Pizza Factory Express: Benefits You Knead to Know

While our guests’ dining habits are changing, their tastebuds still crave Pizza Factory’s deliciously fresh food. That’s why we’ve launched the Pizza Factory Express model— a super efficient, super Awesome format to support our booming delivery, carryout and curbside business.

Don’t let the size fool you. Our Express model may be small, but it will deliver a strong return on investment for franchisees. Here’s what you knead to know about the benefits:

• Smaller building (1,000-1,500 sq. ft.) provides lower investment opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and active developers
• Hyper-efficient model helps franchisees save on rent, operations and FF&E expenses
• Format requires fewer employees to run the show, ultimately saving on labor costs
• Reduced footprint allows access to more real estate sites, reaching new customers in untapped markets
• Consumer-facing mobile app with loyalty program drives off-premise sales
• Technology advancements help optimize systems and processes from the kitchen to consumption

The proof is in the pudding…or should we say pizza dough?! As delivery, carryout and curbside ordering prevails, the Pizza Factory Express model best supports consumers’ growing demand for high-quality food in the most convenient setting.

Right now, we’re offering a development incentive program including a reduced franchise fee, waived royalties for three months and more. It’s a piping hot offer that won’t last long, so click here to get started with Pizza Factory today.