Pizza Factory Celebrates New Openings in Wasco and Portland

Pizza Factory Celebrates New Openings in Wasco and Portland

Pizza Factory’s motto “We Toss‘Em, They’re Awesome!” already resonates with customers all across the West Coast. For 30 years, the fast-casual pizzeria has become the go-to neighborhood spot to experience family-friendly dining, high-quality meals and a hardworking staff that’s passionate about service.

The pizza franchise continues to live up to those high internal standards with the opening of two new locations: Wasco, California, and Portland, Oregon.

Russ Akins opened his location in Wasco in September, where he manages daily operations. In October, Michael Tatum opened his restaurant in Portland. Tatum enjoys people, community and pizza, making Pizza Factory a logical investment.

Besides its emphasis on fresh ingredients, the brand is also well known for donating extra time, money and resources in support of the causes that matter most to Pizza Factory customers.

In addition to Pizza Factory’s “No Bully Zone” program, both new locations will also offer fundraising programs that support local schools, youth sports leagues and other community groups and organizations.

As the beloved pizza franchise continues to conquer the West, passionate entrepreneurs who are looking for a delicious opportunity to own their own business will find much to love about Pizza Factory!

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Pizza Factory Franchisees Strengthen Brand by Taking a Stand

Risky, bold and purposeful are three words that describe the most successful brands today –at least according to Pizza Factory CEO Mary Jane Riva, who recently shared her expertise on why taking a stand and being bold can strengthen a company.

In her feature for the October issue of Franchising USA, Riva reminded readers that brands have the opportunity to use their influence to stand for something, and aligning your actions with a cause that’s reflective of your company values will further support your brand mission. She focused on supporting a cause, engaging with community and making a difference as effective ways to use that power.

Additionally, taking a stand on societal issues (when appropriate) can be a great opportunity to interact with your fans and potential customers. In fact, nowadays, people want brands to speak out – a 2018 study by Cone/Porter Novelli found that 71% of Americans expect companies to connect with them emotionally on issues that matter to them personally.

Riva referred to Pizza Factory’s family-friendly restaurants and its “No Bully Zone” program, which aims to put an end to bullying. The restaurants have signage, napkins and other messaging about the No Bully Zone, which prompts a lot of questions from guests. Riva stressed that this is a great way to open up a conversation about the issue.

Pizza Factory’s most recent initiative has involved donating “Friends are Awesome” benches as a way to extend the anti-bullying message into schools. The brand visits elementary schools across the country to present them with a symbolic bench and to discuss the importance of friendship and inclusion when kids are at an impressionable age.

Pizza Factory’s anti-bullying program and commitment to encouraging its employees and guests to treat others with respect wins it high marks in local communities and media coverage. It is important, Riva noted in her article, to consider the effect that a brand’s actions can have on the world. Being bold and voicing your opinion on important matters can be an effective way to strengthen your business (brand) and open the door for a deeper, emotional connection with your customers.

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