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Pizza Factory Franchisees Bring Anti-Bullying Program to Area School

Pizza Factory’s dedication to its slogan “We toss ‘em. They’re awesome” has delivered scrumptious pizzas and carved a niche in the growing $40 billion pizza industry. But it is the commitment that Pizza Factory demonstrates to the communities it serves that makes the franchise an even bigger standout.

Community outreach and service are an important part of the Pizza Factory mission. Across area schools, Pizza Factory’s franchisees use a custom anti-bullying program, “The No Bully Zone,” to emphasize the need for friendship. Groveland, California franchisees Earl Wright and Christina Leaman recently hosted an assembly in the local Tenaya Elementary to spread Pizza Factory’s message of kindness.

The event was featured in the area Union Democrat newspaper, which pointed out that this was the first time grades from first through eighth assembled together. They were encouraged to “Be Awesome, Be Cool, Be Friends,” a slogan that was also imprinted on special bracelets handed out to the children.

The donation of a “No Bully Bench” anchors Pizza Factory’s anti-bullying program. In donating such a bench to Tenaya Elementary, Pizza Factory CEO Mary Jane Riva addressed the assembly and called on the eighth graders to model good behavior for younger students. “How you treat someone can make their day or break their day. Choose kindness,” Riva said.

The newspaper article reported that the No Bully Bench, which has the words “Friends are Awesome” and “No Bully Zone” will be placed under an apple tree in the school yard and will be accessible to all.

The community outreach that Pizza Factory franchisees regularly participate in wins high marks among its many customers and gets it noticed by the media. This in turn broadcasts Pizza Factory’s winning message of delicious pizzas and outstanding community service far and wide.

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