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Pizza Factory Silver City News

Pizza Factory is known for both its fantastic franchise opportunity and its unique, fa
mily-oriented ambiance and delicious menu items. And as dedicated fans of the brand continue to spread the word, opening up new markets for qualified franchisees to grow, the media takes increasing notice as well.

Recently, Pizza Factory appeared in the Silver City News to share the news of its expansion plan, specifically in Silver City, New Mexico.

“The company’s franchise expansion targeting the area comes as the brand continues to consistently achieve its objectives, experiencing significant sales increases every year since its inception 30 years ago – which it plans to continue with the well- managed franchise expansion plan, and an unwavering focus on providing high quality food in a fun, friendly atmosphere,” Pizza Factory CEO Mary Jane Riva said in the interview. “Pizza Factory currently has 113 locations throughout the West Coast and is also widely recognized for its close community connection, which includes its iconic “No Bully Zone” program and impactful fundraising partnerships.”

Riva added more about Pizza Factory’s dedication to its communities and supporting local entrepreneurs who dream of business ownership.

“Our method has been around for 32 years,” Riva said. “Ninety percent of our stores are owned by people who already live in the community and wanted to be a business owner. We don’t require any restaurant experience and you don’t have to be a millionaire. We are looking for people that are living in their community and raising a family that want to start their own business. We are trying to find those folks that are looking to be their own entrepreneur.”

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