Turning Passion into Profit

Turning Passion into Profit

Everyone loves pizza, no matter how you slice it. But what if you could turn your pizza passion into a profit?

Pizza Factory franchisees have the love and passion for all things pizza, and community. Our franchisees’ hearts are in the business, they are eager to support their employees and want to bring positivity to their town.

In fact, several of our franchisees started out as superfans themselves. The beauty of our model is we embed ourselves in the fabric of communities, with an innovative approach to operations to allow our franchisees to thrive.

Within the thriving $46 billion pizza industry, there’s plenty of room to grab a piece of the action. Let’s meet some of our pizza perfect franchisees:

Our Pizza Perfect Franchisees

Longtime Pizza Factory fans Mike and Terri Sanchez started their fandom in their hometown of Filmore, California. Since then, the couple went on to own multiple locations throughout Nevada and most recently opened a milestone restaurant in a new state, Texas.

The husband-and-wife entrepreneurial team has always loved Pizza Factory’s community values and sees the restaurant forming numerous connections with Fate residents.

“Our family has been big fans of Pizza Factory for many years and after moving to Fate, we knew almost instantly the brand would fit perfectly within the community,” said Terri Sanchez. “We are so honored to open Pizza Factory’s first Texas location. Entrepreneurship is something Mike and I value closely and given Pizza Factory’s seamless approach to operations; the brand makes the leap into business ownership so easy. We’re confident Pizza Factory will become a staple within our community and are excited to see the brand further expand.”

A Pizza Factory delivery driver turned franchisee; Anthony Lum truly embodies the passion we look for in our owners. For over 20 years, the Temecula Pizza Factory has remained true to its roots, providing family-friendly dining, and a high-quality product to their community. Lum met his now wife, Breanna Hawkins while working at Pizza Factory and is thrilled to continue growing with the brand.

With a business mindset, open heart and entrepreneurial spirit, you too may have the makings to be a pizza-perfect franchisee. Learn more about franchising opportunities with Pizza Factory.