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What Does 2017 Hold for the Pizza Industry?

Pizza Factory, adored nationwide for its great-tasting menu items and an environment that promotes positivity and inclusion, is part of a thriving, blossoming industry. Though even small markets have multiple pizza restaurants, the country is hungry for more.

In fact, 2017 is estimated to be the biggest year yet for the U.S. pizza market. In fact, according to comprehensive research compiled by PMQ Magazine, the pizza industry will top $44 billion, with average unit sales at more than $579 million and consumer demand up 26 percent.

Pizza chains fared especially well in the past year, leading independents in both sales totals and average sales per unit total. The top 50 chains – including us here at Pizza Factory – contributed more than 55 percent of sales.

Additionally, pizza chains came out on top when compared to independents in number of closings.

With emerging trends top of mind in 2017, Pizza Factory is ahead of the curve with natural ingredients, readily available nutritional information, online ordering, menu creativity and customer loyalty rewards.

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